Kabi (nikki_kp) wrote in artistfreecycle,

3/4 sets of colorful stuff.

So my spring cleaning has begun and I've opened my hording clutches to give up some of my stash.

1) Misc lightly used felt and brush pen packageimifaction
- Colorific Fine Point pens (8)
- Prang Brush pens (7)
- Marvy LePlume II (12) ("loose" pens in a package)
Est s/h - $3 in the US

2) Watercolor Pencils that I have SNUBBED
- Crayola (8 with cheepo brush)
- Prismacolor (36) (1 or 2 lightly sharpened from original state)
Est s/h - $5 in the US

3) Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Set (6 : Basic Colors)
4?) 3 2 1 Staedtler Pigment Liner sets (01,03,05,07 - plastic psudeo-atlier container)
(if not claimed first - one set will go out with each of the above packages)
Est s/h - $3 in the US

Kabi's too poor to buy padded envelopes. XD

All gone and in the mail. Thanks + Enjoy
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