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want stuff?

I've got far too much stuff, and not much cash to pay shipping, thus I ask that if you do not reside in the US, please be prepared to throw in a bit towards shipping costs if you're interested in any of the printed materials- there's no international media rate, and I'm dirt broke. Email me at spikienoir@yahoo.com if interested, I flake on checking LJ quite frequently so DO NOT be angry if I miss your reply here. At the bottom, below the cut, is a list of things I'd be happy to swap you for.

Mad magazines, I'd say okay to good condition, make an offer and I'll probably take it: # 77, 82, 336, 337, 341, 357, 362, 371, 372, 373, 374, 376, a 1976 special 'revolting' issue revoltionary war spoof "Madde", marked as free on the cover so I've got no idea what to consider it, and the june 1997 super special.

National Lampoon magazines: aung 85, nov 85, mar 86, june 87, aug 87, oct 87, june 89, oct 90, apr 92

National Lampoon's Encyclopedia of Humor, National Lampoon's special Sunday Newpaper parody from 1978, Foto Funnies from 1986 by Nat. Lampoon (warning: shows real human boobies, don't ask me for it unless it's okay for you to see boobies) and 'Time' harvard lampoon parody mag from 89.

Republicans Attack! a paranoid fantasy in 36 parts by james vance and mark landman, 1992, 36 trading cards showing Bush sr and cohorts, humor.
The US Taxpayer presents: Big Budget Circus, 36 most outrageous misuses of taxpayer money, another cards set, 1992.
1981 Rosebowl souvenier book- Washington vs Michigan 33'rd NHL All-star game souvenier book, feb 10th 1981 Hang 10- free press (a Detroit newspaper) book of Red Wings stuff from 2002
1984 Detroit Tigers yearbook

JLA #6 from DC comic book

**Intellivision Games- I don't have an intellivision, never did, but I've got a load of games for one still in their smashed original boxes with the pair of controller overlays and manuals. Star Strike Skiing Skiing/ Le Ski (english and french packaged) Horse Racing Major League Baseball (no instructions, 4 overlays) Space Armada Sea Battle/Combat Naval (english and french packaged) Space Hawk Snafu (no instructions) Thunder Castle (no overlays) NHL Hockey New Beauty & The Beast (one overlay) Bowling Big Leauge Baseball (cart and box only) Frog Bog.
Intellivoice- voice synthesis module, english language bilingual (with french) box- looks darn nifty, the box says it plugs into the game system and if you put an Intellivoice game cartridge into this doodad it will add in both male and female voices generated by game play including cheers, strategy and comments. Does nothing extra with non-intellivoice games, surprise, but it'll let you play them without unhooking it from your system. Includes box, 1 set of instructions with english and french text, one set of english only instructions, and a brochure showing some games.

***STAMPS*** first day covers and the binder pages they slide into, in a commemorative binder, addressed to David Gray who left em when he moved: 1989: bill of rights 1990: wyoming statehood, gone with the wind, beau gest/stagecoach, marianne moore (poet), lighthouses (3), RI statehood, olympics: swimming, tennis, boxing & bobsled (on same stamp), track and field (2 diff stamps), 5 stamps of native american headdresses, Claire L Chennault (aviator), micronesia, marshall islands, whale, sea lion, otter, dolphin, grande canyon, eisenhower, xmas madonna and child, xmas tree. 1991: Switzerland's 700th anniv, vermont statehood, Dennis Chavez (senator), olympic flag, US saving bond 50th anniv, Love (heart shaped globe), William Saroyan (writer), fishing flies (5 different on 3 pages.

Loose pages of first day issues: 1991: Cole Porter (composer), desert storm, olympic hurdles, olympic javelin & sprint (2 stamps 1 page), olympic discus & pole vault (2 stamps 1 page), numismatics (money), basketball centennial, laurel and hardy, bergen & mccarthy and jack benny (2 stamps, one page) fanny brice & abbott & costello (2 on1), WWII burma rd and destroyer Reuben James (2 on1), WWII civil defense (gas mask) and peacetime draft(2on1), WWII pearl harbor and Atlantic Charter (2 on 1), WWII 'arsenal of democracy' tank and declaring war on japan (2 on1), bicentennial of DC, Jan E. Matzeliger (black inventor), Mercury and Neptune (2 on 1), Venus and Saturn (2 on 1), Earth and Uranus (2 on 1), Moon and Neptune (2 on 1), Mars and Pluto (2 on 1), xmas 91 madonna and child, xmas santa in chimney. 1992: olympic hockey, figure and speed skating (2 on1), world columbian stamp expo, W.E.B. Dubois (historian), Love (heart in envelope), Earl Warrne (chief justice), olympic baseball, olm skiing and bobsled (2 on 1), columbus seeking support and crossing atlantic (2 on1), columbus approaching land and coming ashore (2 on1), NYSE, Astronaut/cosmonaught (2 on 1), space: Apollo and Soyuz (2 on1), 50th anniv Alaska highway, kentucky statehood, olympic soccer, olym volleyball and gymnastics (2 on1), olym boxing and swimming (2 on 1), ruby throated hummingbird, broad billed and costa's hummingbirds (2 on 1), Calliope and Rufous hummingbirds (2 on 1), WWII raid on tokyo and deciphering code (2 on 1), WWII rations stamps and Yorktown at Midway (2 on 1), WWII women workers and battle of coral sea (2 on 1), WWII Guadalcanal and Corregidor (2 on 1), WWII allies in N Africa and Aleutian Islands (2 on 1), Dorothy Parker (writer), Theodore Von Karman (scientist), Minerals azurite and copper (2 on 1), minerals variscite a d wulfenite, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (explorer), giraffe, panda and flamingo (2 on 1), white tiger and king penguin (2 on 1), xmas 92 madonna and child, xmas toys train and horse (2 on 1), xmas toys engine and steamship (2 on 1), new year rooster. 1993: Elvis, space fantasy saturn patrol, space fantasy cities of explorers and in flight (2 on 1), space fantasy station and nepture patrol (2 on 1), percy lavon julian (chemist), 150th anniv Oregon Trail, international college sport festival, grace kelly (princess of monaco), Oklahoma (musical) 50th anniv, circus aerialist and elephant (2 on 1), circus clown and showman (2 on 1), Thomas Jefferson, Cherokee Strip land run centennial, Dean Acheson (statesman, writer), sport horses steeplechase and thoroughbred racing (2 on 1), sport horse polo and harness race

I'd be happy to trade for:
Foremost, I'm moving rather soon, I don't want much more stuff to haul with me, so smaller items are much preferred- plus it'd be cheaper for you to ship them. Please, point me at your list if you've got a list and have a use for any of this stuff, I'm sure I'll find something neat to swap you for. Again, please email me at spikienoir@yahoo.com, I flake on checking LJ.

I collect dolls, so I'd be giddy to get dolly things- mostly into blythe/pullip/barbie sized items, but I love little things in general.
Sewing notions (any and all), neat-o fabrics or scraps of, yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, beads, little trinkets, shiny things, pretty rocks or crystals, etc.
Things you've made- I love handmade stuff, that's why I make alot of it, I'd love some of your work as well.

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