Simoon (simoon) wrote in artistfreecycle,

Free stuff...

Here's a slightly weird one for you... Perhaps a crafter/artist/creative/etc. would like some (all?) of these?

I have one bag full of orthodontic elastics. What I mean to say is, I have one large ziplock bag full of many, many, many (90!!!) little bags of orthodontic elastics. 3/8 inch. "heavy." that ugly semi-translucent color of orthodontic elastics.

Purchased circa 2001... doubt they'd be good for holding one's orthodontics together. But, perhaps you might be able to use them for... ummm... art? crafts? hair-things (beware tangles!)? something else that I am sure I haven't thought of?

Each small bag (remember, I have ninety of them!) contains about 100-ish elastics. Oooh! I found a picture!

Do you want any of these little bags? Let me know...

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