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SuperGlue- a collaborative project

Hello all!

Would you like to connect to others all over the globe through...objects?

Objects have significance in our day-to-day lives, so why not use these little bits of our lives as a way to share, express, collaborate and inspire?


Would you like to take part in a collaborative project focusing on our little tokens of life? If so, feel free to join SuperGlue!

Each participant sends an object that can be glued to a cardstock, along with a piece of paper with a line or two (quote, life-lesson, something about you or the object, etc.), your name (last name isn't required), age (optional), city, (state) and country.


The object should be something small (like a bottlecap, Lego piece or button) and can glued easily with Superglue or a glue gun. Be creative! Your object can be a special memento you'd like to show the world, something funny or even something your child found under the couch!


(Please send only one object).


I'll then glue all the objects to a giant cardstock, along with the lines you've sent in a creative way. The final project will be showcased in an independent art gallery in Jerusalem, Israel.


I'll keep in touch with every single participant by e-mail in a personal manner, and let everyone know about the progress of the project.


Finally, I'll showcase the final project online as well.


Interested in sharing your object with the world? Want to say a little something to everyone through your simple, little object?


If so, drop me an e-mail at so I know your object is on the way. Then, send your object to me (I know postage is a problem since I live in Israel, so try not to send anything heavy).


I'll send you my snail-mail address through e-mail.


I'm looking forward to changing the world through this, and many, forms of art.



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