jonaskaite (jonaskaite) wrote in artistfreecycle,

Braille pages

Clearing out cupboards at MPOW (public library) I found an old Braille book and I shoved it back in the cupboard for a few weeks while I thought about what to do about it... and then I found this community.

It's actually Vol. 7 of 11 volumes of Ship of Fools by Katherine Ann Porter, and the rest of the volumes have vanished, so it's really of no use to anyone as a book. I'd be glad to break it up into 10- or 20-page bundles unless someone specifically wants the whole book. *edit* The pages are 11" square, btw!

My LJmail redirects to my work mailbox, so send me an address that way and I'll hit the post early next week.

I can imagine all sorts of altered book fun with these that I don't have time to develop myself. :-(
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