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i've got a gaggle of fine quality books that want new homes!

i broke them up into odd groupings for easier parusing. it is not an absolute if you want some of them that they need be in these combo's. it was just easier to organize and photograph them this way. (or it was ocd)

some of them are hardcover, all of the softcovers are trade size (larger than mass market/dime novel size) and all are in excellent condition as they were mostly only around for art reference. some of them contain nudity and other bare human things like that.

if you'd like more info about them or would like to adopt any of them, please let me know (how to contact & address to send to) either on this post or by emailing me at :

first come, first serve. i'll update the list so you'll know which ones are spoken for. no doubt for cost effectiveness, i'll ship them flat rate priority. no need to pitch in for shipping unless you absolutely feel the need to do so.

books are your friends.
the camera is not, so the pictures aren't the best. sorry!
:) -e.
out of image loading courtesy, the images and details are

Batch 1

Strange Ritual - Pictures & Words
Hard Cover
by David Byrne

Emily the Strange
Hard Cover
Chronicle Books

Hot Rod
Soft Cover Coffee Table Book
Photographs by David Perry Story by Barry Gifford

Screaming Life - a chronicle of the Seattle music scene
Hard Cover with Bonus CD
Harper Collins

Batch 2

Mehndi - the Art of Henna Body Painting
Soft Cover
30 designs + instructions

Moko - the Art & History of Maori Tattooing
Soft Cover

The Art of New Zealand Tattoo
Soft Cover Photography Book

Tattooed Women
Soft Cover Photography Book

Skin Show - the Art of Tattoo (3 books)
Soft Cover Photography Books

Batch 3

Fractals - the Patterns of Chaos
Large Soft Cover Book

The Enlightened Heart - an Anthology of Sacred Poetry
Soft Cover

Allen Ginsberg - Journals/Mid-Fifties 1954-1958
Soft Cover

Awakening the Spine
Soft Cover Yoga Book

Batch 4

The Sandman - Volume III "Dream Country"
Soft Cover

The Illustrators Bible
Soft Cover

Erotic Art
Black & White Soft Cover

Batch 5

Wild Geese & Tea - an Asian American Wedding Planner
Hard Cover with book jacket

The New Work of Our Hands - Contemporary Jewish Needlework & Quilts
Soft Cover

Festival of My Heart - Poems by Japanese Children
Hard Cover with book jacket

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could i have:
emily the strange
batch 2
the sandman?



May 28 2006, 18:01:33 UTC 11 years ago

Those are the ones I would have picked also. (Just amused at our freekish overlap)

Anyway... My real point of this reply... Sandman. I have them most all of the soft cover graphic novels If you want to borrow them sometime.
Um. Yeah. That was me but I suppose you could have guessed that,
:) yes!
would you like all of batch 2 (tattoo books)?
just send your address to my email and they'll be on their way to you!
I emailed you about Batch 4.
the only one spoken for already is The Sandman, but i'll send the others to you asap. :)
thank you for the email and i'll go answer it to get your address right now!
:) -e.
I'd love batch 2 for my niece if still available. Thank you

Dragonfly Design Studio
1115 Madison St NE
Salem, OR

Oh wait...not sure if sweetmadness meant all of batch 2
allo! i'm checking with sweetmadness about batch 2 and will let you know as soon as i find out!
:)! -e.
hey sweets, can i have the hot rod book.. i have a thing for old cars. vrooooommm!
perfect! i can't believe i didn't think of sending that to you sooner!
it is zooming off to you now!
xo! -e.
well to be honest, i rather enjoy them better when they are crashed.. because i'm quite weird like that. haha
the book you are sending me will go nicely with a book a friend got me
i love Taschen books! i haven't seen that one before, so now i'll have to go find it! :)
i'm still kicking myself over a book i saw years ago filled with bizarre auto erotic deaths chronicled throughout the years and if i ever find it again, i'll send you one too. the car things in that were just, well.... bizarre!
if you like the weird and morbid, i have a hardcover copy of the book Death in Paradise i can throw in for you too. i don't think the hc version is available anymore and i think mine might be a first edition. the reprint i found online is pretty cruddy looking in comparison to this one and is only available in soft cover now. i've had it for years, but have so many books on the shelf, they largely just get forgotten. :(
it gets sad not being looked at anymore.
:) -e.
woah! i just did a backflip! i seriously jumped outta my chair and did a backflip.. okie, i'm lying BUT if i wasn't 20 lbs overweight and unable to do a backflip.. i totally would have. yes yes yes, please send that along. i will treasure it forever and ever and ever! i'll have to see if i can find another one of the car crashes book. a friend got it for me, he also bought me the movie crash (with james spader) oh man, if you have never seen the movie you simply must! i can burn a copy for you on my boyfriends laptop if you want. seems we have more in common than i thought we did. shoot me an email at agirlnamedjax at gmail dot com and we can exchange numbers and addys since i haven't the idea where yours is anymore. i'd love to get to know you better. maybe one day i'll cheerlead for ya in person!
oh p.s.

i also enjoy taking strange photos of myself in the bathtub covered in chocolate syrup.. psycho style! (thats what they used for blood back in the day, like in the movie psycho) :D
I would like all of Batch 1 if you are doing them in full batches vs allowing people to pick and choose.

Also Batch 3 if you have room. I'll send you Paypal for shipping.

email atb @ amity-shawn dot net for snail mail and for Paypal shipping email address.

-- Molly
hello! :)
from batch 1 the emily book and hot rod are spoken for, but strange ritual and screaming life are still available if you'd like them. batch 3 is all yours! you can totally pick and choose from any of the batches if you'd like. i'll email you right after i post this!
:) -e.
i'd like batch 5!! i just emailed you :)
they are yours! :) i just emailed you too!
oh wow, i am seriously sad over missing this entry... great books!