bagorazors (bagorazors) wrote in artistfreecycle,

i've got a gaggle of fine quality books that want new homes!

i broke them up into odd groupings for easier parusing. it is not an absolute if you want some of them that they need be in these combo's. it was just easier to organize and photograph them this way. (or it was ocd)

some of them are hardcover, all of the softcovers are trade size (larger than mass market/dime novel size) and all are in excellent condition as they were mostly only around for art reference. some of them contain nudity and other bare human things like that.

if you'd like more info about them or would like to adopt any of them, please let me know (how to contact & address to send to) either on this post or by emailing me at :

first come, first serve. i'll update the list so you'll know which ones are spoken for. no doubt for cost effectiveness, i'll ship them flat rate priority. no need to pitch in for shipping unless you absolutely feel the need to do so.

books are your friends.
the camera is not, so the pictures aren't the best. sorry!
:) -e.
out of image loading courtesy, the images and details are

Batch 1

Strange Ritual - Pictures & Words
Hard Cover
by David Byrne

Emily the Strange
Hard Cover
Chronicle Books

Hot Rod
Soft Cover Coffee Table Book
Photographs by David Perry Story by Barry Gifford

Screaming Life - a chronicle of the Seattle music scene
Hard Cover with Bonus CD
Harper Collins

Batch 2

Mehndi - the Art of Henna Body Painting
Soft Cover
30 designs + instructions

Moko - the Art & History of Maori Tattooing
Soft Cover

The Art of New Zealand Tattoo
Soft Cover Photography Book

Tattooed Women
Soft Cover Photography Book

Skin Show - the Art of Tattoo (3 books)
Soft Cover Photography Books

Batch 3

Fractals - the Patterns of Chaos
Large Soft Cover Book

The Enlightened Heart - an Anthology of Sacred Poetry
Soft Cover

Allen Ginsberg - Journals/Mid-Fifties 1954-1958
Soft Cover

Awakening the Spine
Soft Cover Yoga Book

Batch 4

The Sandman - Volume III "Dream Country"
Soft Cover

The Illustrators Bible
Soft Cover

Erotic Art
Black & White Soft Cover

Batch 5

Wild Geese & Tea - an Asian American Wedding Planner
Hard Cover with book jacket

The New Work of Our Hands - Contemporary Jewish Needlework & Quilts
Soft Cover

Festival of My Heart - Poems by Japanese Children
Hard Cover with book jacket

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